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for your cannabis business.

Customized Insurance


All industry segments in Cannabis are evolving very rapidly. New companies, products, ideas are increasingly expanding the market place. As an insurance company, there are many times new ideas for insurance are proposed.

Being flexible and open to insuring every aspect of the Cannabis industry is a vital component to the success of this movement. Our goal is to provide an open platform for insuring all aspects of Cannabis. Don’t be afraid to ask “Can I get insurance for _____?”

Protect your business

The cannabis industry is quickly evolving and manufacturing marijuana is moving at a quick pace. Insuring your business for direct physical loss, professional liability and general liability is going to mitigate any loss that you may incur.

The Real Green Shield Insurance Services, LLC is a full-service insurance company catering to the marijuana/cannabis space for growers, dispensaries, collectives and more in recreational marijuana states.

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